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Regardless of whether in supple leather or soft fabric, the message of the Rolf Benz 584 armchair is clear: this is where you go to relax. And it embodies this message in an extremely nonchalant manner. Equipped with the extra soft Lounge Deluxe comfort and a deliberately casual drape, it stands for relaxation and a sense of well-being – whether as a cozy love seat for two or as your highly personal, favorite armchair. The Rolf Benz 584 armchair – seldom has a strong appearance been so comfy.

We currently have our 584 Armchair on sale in our Boston Waterfront showroom. Our floor model features dark grey upholstery and is available for local pickup on Boston. 

584 Armchair Specifications:

  • Height: 75cm
  • Width: 112cm
  • Depth: 106cm, 68cm (seat depth)
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