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Sleek, clean-lined aesthetics and functionality: these are the keywords for defining MisuraEmmé’s Palo Alto, the new complete night area project. The idea springs from a desire to pamper ourselves: elegant, refined, rigorous and flawless, it enables a complete and ‘transparent’ view of the things we love.



The SOFT Wardrobe from TEAM 7 is a hinged door wardrobe is a spacious piece of craftsmanship. And the best thing about it – you can adapt it to your own preferences. Select your individual mix of coloured glass and solid wood and plan the interior just as you like. The optional mount with LED lighting perfectly illuminates your finished masterpiece.



Spanish manufacturer DOCA may have made more of a name for themselves with their ultra-modern kitchen cabinates, but we would be amiss if we did not highlight their modern wardrobe designs. Whether you're looking for sleek and modern designs, or a modern interpretation of a more classic style, and with the option of integrated LED lighting, DOCA has something for almost everyone.



The VITRUM Wardrobe. Glass reveals, reflects and mingles the inside with the outside in the most fascinating of ways. The mediator of this dialogue is the glass door panel, in Extraclear Transparent, Transparent or Satin Fumé and Stop Sol finishes and in the three colours available for Trama screen-printed glass: different aesthetic features for varying degrees of transparency. The door sports an intriguing, black, screen-printed frame. The long, slim, inclined handle is made from black anodised aluminium matching the frame and is discrete and handy on both hinged and sliding doors.