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In 1683, from the depths of the Black Forest, new sounds are heard; the roar of flames, the hammering of molten metal. The age of the industrial craftsmanship arrives with the strike of a hammer and German engineering is born. Fast forward 336 years and Gaggenau is now a worldwide leader in luxury, high end appliances - combining artistic design with highly engineered functionality into all of their products. Gaggenau’s goal is to provide the buyer with exceptional performance all while being able to achieve their design goals.


Ovens and Cooktops

Chef Kurt von Kahle demonstrates how to easily cook oven-baked fried chicken inside the 400 series standard oven, bake an apple crumble inside the combi-steam oven, and cook mushroom ravioli on the Gaggenau induction cooktop.

Professional Grade Performance

For their kitchen appliances, Gaggenau works with professional chefs during the design process to ensure the best functionality in their products, taking their favorite and least favorite parts of professional kitchens to try and create near-perfect products. This principle of the professional kitchen is the foundation of their design.