By Riccardo Zulato

Londonart has created a wallpaper collection expressly for the surfaces of showers, bathrooms, and the splashbacks behind basins and in kitchens: a decorative experience which goes beyond the usual tactile qualities of a tiled surface. It combines hard-wearing technical features with the total quality craftsmanship of our creations, in order to give a personal touch to the most intimate spaces. Harmony, tailor-made qualities and authenticity of the precious raw materials used, blend together to create a perfect mix of patterns, ethnic and hand-crafted motifs, texture and printing, which can be applied to all wall surfaces, even those surfaces where normally the application of wallpaper would be unthinkable. The Solution The idea is to furnish with a unique touch, in order to give real personality to bathrooms, showers, kitchens and public spaces. The mix of technology, research into new materials and blending of different elements, together with the tailored Londonart wallpaper fabrics, will certainly recreate special atmospheres, which provide characteristic furnishing through creating highly decorative and evocative yet concrete moods, without forgetting the highly technical features and total quality of the materials, which have been created in order to be ultra-resistant and completely washable, thanks to a particular, innovative artisan treatment. Sources of Inspiration The creation of backgrounds and “sets” go beyond the traditional material experience of tiles, and which experiment with completely new and original effects. This is the objective of the new wallpaper for “wet” environments, created by Londonart. Azulejos, art-déco, geometrical patterns or designer styles - every mood is created with know-how and taste. The mix of colours, which are sometimes neutral and sometimes lively and bright, are closely linked to the shapes, which are sometimes soft and sometimes angular, and which are inspired by the most popular themes of the detailed decorative style. This is a collection which Londonart has dedicated to bathrooms, showers, kitchens and public places, and which is capable of renewing, building and decorating: in other words, it revolutionizes the concept of wallpaper in truly private, intimate spaces.

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