Are you looking to create a modern bedroom? Do you envision a space with an airy feel. Comfort and organization all rolled into one. White, bright and open? Modern style is recognized by clean lines, natural materials as well as metals. If this is your look then Divine Design Center is here to help make that image in your head a reality.

Create your perfect bedroom space with our selection of beds, nightside tables and dressers. Add a European touch with a wardrobe full of storage for everything imaginable. Finish the look off with some seating, occasional tables and area rugs to complete your space.

Is the modern look your style? Do you want to start each and every day with modern design in your bedroom? Visit or or contact Divine Design Center to explore all the possibilites for your modern bedroom.

Palo Alto Walk-In Closet

“Sleek, clean-lined aesthetics and functionality: these are the keywords for defining MisuraEmmé’s Palo Alto, the new complete night area project. The idea springs from a desire to pamper ourselves: elegant, refined, rigorous and flawless, it enables a complete and ‘transparent’ view of the things we love.”

Meet The Riletto Bed + Soft Wardrobe

Recessed slides make the award-winning riletto bed appear to float. Its optical lightness is also emphasized by its fine proportions. The headboard and sides of the bed can be designed in wood or leather. The leather version gives the bed an exciting material mix.

The soft-hinged door wardrobe impresses with its sleek, unobtrusive design and high-quality craftsmanship. And the best thing about it – You can help design it. Select your individual mix of colored glass and natural wood and plan the interior to meet your individual needs.