Are you looking for modern style in your home? What exactly is a modern design approach? Modern is recognized by clean lines. Natural materials such as wood, leather are used throughout a modern space. Polished metal is popular as well.

Furniture is very open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy light feeling. Walls are often white adding to the expansive feeling. Modern interiors generally have bare floors and with the occasional area rug. Colors tend to be neutral but color is not off limits in any way!

If clean lines, an uncluttered feel and open spaces are your idea of a well designed room that the modern or contemporary look might be your style.  Is the modern look your style? Visit or contact Divine Design Center to explore all the possibilites for your modern home.


Windsor fits in with all kinds of furnishings: perfect in a traditional setting, in a modern setting it stands out as a valuable work of art. Made exclusively by hand with capitonne upholstery, the sofa has a decidedly distinctive feel. It is refined and sophisticated, yet also soft and welcoming, due to the distinctive button buried in the diamond quilting of the padding.


The cubus pure is the perfect solution for all Home Entertainment equipment. An intelligent ventilation system, easy-access cable management system and generous space guarantee maximum convenience for the user, as does the innovative Qi charging technology, integrated in the cable flap for the wireless charging of smart-phones and tablets. The subwoofer cube can be part of a Home Entertainment ensemble, or can used as a free-standing unit.


Delicate and simple lines are the basic features of this small armchair, which can be freely used with any sofa and accessory. The back aligned with the armrests envelops the seat cushion and the comfortable and elegant structure is supported by simple aluminum feet. This is the giglio armchair.


Clear lines and a modern use of form – that’s the essence of the CO-SINUS 1. A table that accommodates life with all its rich variety. The solid wood table has the perfect qualities it needs as a communicative focal point in the living room. Choose from 5 different lengths and various stains in oak or walnut. To give you even more space in life, the table legs together with the MDF table top can be optionally finished in black-grey or signal white.


Caruzzo is a swivel armchair made just for you. He boasts a high back for your privacy and traditional upholstery details to ensure that Caruzzo is a feast for the eyes. The striking embroidered seam on the back of the seat is hand-made by Leolux craftsmen. It looks fantastic of course in a contrasting colour. With Caruzzo, Frans Schrofer created a high-backed armchair of great class, with plenty of attention to design and ergonomics.


The SCALA sofa stands for modern superlativity and relaxed stylistic con­fidence. Every detail impresses with an incredible quality finish and contemporary design. With generous cushions and graceful feet, this sofa is full of elegant strength and delicate lightness. The urban serenity of Rolf Benz SCALA can be felt from the moment you sink into it. With its comfort and unique shape, Rolf Benz SCALA sets new standards.


The sofa Auto-reverse by Arketipo Firenze, versatile and with a strong personality, derives from the idea of expressing a double soul in the living area. Its apparent casual and untidy look is in contrast with the order and extreme care for the details, to obtain an object with a sharp style and of high quality. The thin structure, elegant and discreet, enwraps and contains the seat cushions, the back and the arms, emphasized by flounces all around the perimeter which grant a definite movement to the line and add a tactile and visual softness to the sofa.

Rolf Benz TIRA is the expression of pure joy and lightness. Luxurious-looking side sections on a filigree metal frame, superbly comfortable seat and back padding with decorative seams and graceful back shells give the German Design Award 2016-nominated sofa its characteristic, almost weightless aesthetics. Thanks to an innovative relaxation function Rolf Benz TIRA always guarantees a very personalised position to sit and relax in.

Sit, lounge, lie, chill, sleep: the unique comfort function of the Rolf Benz NOVA sofa, which won the Interior Innovation Award 2014, makes it easy to transform into a high-back seat, a recliner, a daybed, a bed, or something completely different, somewhere in between. This casual, versatile furniture, with its sophisticated craftsmanship, brings a wonderful sensuousness into any room, whether as a one-seater or two-seater long chair. The mechanism (patent pending) allows for a seamless, gliding, organic transition from one setting to another. So the Rolf Benz NOVA effortlessly adjusts to every position of the body.