Wondering where to start when you're beginning to create the modern style in your home? What better way to start than the entry to your room and where you put your feet. What exactly is a modern design approach? Modern is recognized by clean lines. Natural materials, such as wood and leather, and polished metals are used throughout a modern space.

Our selection of contemporary interior doors and room separation devices help create a modern, minimalist feel from the moment you step into a room. Combined with our European flooring options, we are able to start from quite literally the floor up to create your ideal interior.

If clean lines, an uncluttered feel and open spaces are your idea of a well designed room that the modern or contemporary look might be your style. Is the modern look your style? Visit or contact Divine Design Center to explore all the possibilities for your modern home. To view all of our interior door options, head to our online catalog to view our available options.